National News

2020 Census

Data processing of undocumented immigrants was halted. The Bureau’s director Steven Dillingham announced his resignation. Census data will be delivered to the Biden Administration.

State News


The state’s independent redistricting commission will meet on January 21st to decide its independent chair.


Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb was hired as the state’s redistricting director.


The state’s Congressional and Legislative Commissions began narrowing down applications.


Senator Matt Brass was replaced by Senator John Kennedy as chairman of the Senate Reapportionment and Redistricting Committee.


Walter Olson will serve as one of three co-chairs of the state’s new citizens redistricting commission.


The state’s new independent redistricting commission prepares for the redistricting cycle.

New Mexico

A special redistricting session might be further delayed due to census data delays.


A new bill seeks to align local redistricting deadlines to legislative and congressional deadlines.


Justices are skeptical of a Republican proposal that seeks to fast-track redistricting lawsuits directly to the state Supreme Court.