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A lawsuit filed by Ohio seeks to compel the U.S. Census Bureau to release redistricting data by March 31 so that districts can be redrawn prior to 2022 elections. Due to concerns about data quality, the U.S. Government Accountability Office again classified the 2020 Census as high risk. Redistricting strategists are considering the lasting impact former President Trump will have on the next decade of elections.

State News


The state’s independent redistricting commission is utilizing the current census data delay to better prepare for their redistricting task ahead.


A panel of retired judges selected the final six commissioners for the state’s twelve-member independent congressional redistricting commission.


After success in the state's 2020 election, Republicans anticipate congressional gains following the state's redistricting process.


Iowa’s Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission is considering three candidates for its chairperson.

New Mexico

A bill is progressing through the state Senate that would establish an independent, bipartisan panel to aid in redistricting.

North Dakota

The state House passed a bill that would allow legislative managers to begin their redistricting process.


The state legislature is considering a bill that would extend the statutory deadlines for completing redistricting.