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2020 Census

Fair Lines America Foundation is suing the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Census Bureau, seeking records relating to how group quarters were counted in the 2020 Census.

State News


The state’s redistricting commission is accused of violating state transparency laws by holding closed door meetings with private parties, among other concerns.


The state’s redistricting commissions approved data sets based on surveys and estimates that will allow them to prepare preliminary redistricting maps.


The state’s redistricting commission hired its counsel over strong opposition from the Michigan Republican Party.


The state Legislature will end their session four to five days early this month, expecting to return in the fall for a special redistricting session.

New York

The state’s redistricting commission is still waiting for the state Comptroller’s Office to approve and release its funding.


The state legislature passed redistricting plans for their state House and Senate districts and delivered them to the Governor.


The state Senate approved a bill that would push the state’s congressional redistricting deadlines back to align with the Oregon Supreme Court’s revised legislative redistricting deadlines.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected a request that all state redistricting lawsuits originate in that court, but did not foreclose hearing them on appeal or possibly directly. A bill seeking to establish a nonpartisan agency to draw the state’s congressional redistricting maps was reintroduced into the state legislature.