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A former Chief Justice of the state’s Supreme Court was hired as the Arkansas Board of Apportionment’s redistricting coordinator.


The state’s redistricting commissions are seeking public input as they prepare to draw their preliminary redistricting plans.


The Wall Street Journal editorial board criticized Governor Pritzker's decision to sign politician-drawn maps - counter to a previous pledge. Illinois Republicans filed a federal lawsuit against the new legislative maps.


The state’s redistricting commission has established a 24-hour community helpline to facilitate public input on the map drawing process. Lansing residents are urging the state’s redistricting commission to keep the Greater Lansing region whole when redrawing maps this cycle.

New Mexico

The State Ethics Commission selected a retired state Supreme Court Justice to lead the state’s newly created citizen redistricting committee.


Census data reveals that the state’s smaller towns and cities lost population this past decade, while its larger cities and suburbs saw increases in population.


The state’s new redistricting commission, in a series of split decisions, chose to pursue hiring two sets of partisan attorneys from both sides of the aisle to serve as its redistricting advisors.