National News

2020 Census

Fifteen Republican governors signed onto a letter urging the Secretary of Commerce to speed up the release of 2020 census data, citing negative impacts on the redistricting process nationwide.

Redistricting News

Democrats' diminished control over redistricting, and a lack of agreement within the party on a unified approach, has led the NDRC to vow to fight for more favorable maps in court.

State News


The state’s redistricting commission is preparing to release its preliminary congressional redistricting plan this week.


The state’s Governor signed into law an election reform bill which Illinois Republicans are criticizing as a veiled move to ensure Democrats continue their control over the redistricting process.


Northern Maryland Residents are urging the state’s Citizens Redistricting Commission to keep their communities together when redrawing the state’s districts this cycle.


Detroit residents have told the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission to maintain voting district diversity but refrain from gerrymandering them. The Michigan Supreme Court is considering a request to delay the state’s redistricting deadlines, but opponents argue that a delay is unnecessary.

New York

A former state Senate staffer accepted an offer to serve on the state’s redistricting commission, replacing the commissioner who resigned last month.


A state Senate committee reached an agreement on a bill implementing guidelines for congressional redistricting, but opted not to do the same for legislative redistricting.


Residents of Southwest Washington testified to the state’s redistricting commission that they want new districts to be competitive.


The Wisconsin People’s Maps Commission launched a new website to gather public input on the redistricting process.