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2020 Census

A three-judge federal district court rejected Alabama’s challenge to the Census Bureau’s new differential privacy tool and their request to force the Bureau to release 2020 census data earlier.

Redistricting News

During a congressional hearing, Eric Holder spoke in favor of donor disclosure for political organizations while simultaneously stating he would not be disclosing donors to his group, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Despite substantial fundraising, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee failed to achieve most of its goals for the 2020 election cycle.

State News


The state’s redistricting commission will begin touring the state to collect public input in late July.


The state’s redistricting commission released its preliminary maps for congressional districts, but one county’s commissioners have already taken issue with the plan, insisting that their county be kept whole. The commission also released its preliminary legislative districts plan, under which Democrats would keep control of the state legislature.


A former Michigan Supreme Court Justice penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed urging the state’s redistricting commission to avoid using racial, ethnic or religious groups as a consideration when redrawing election districts this cycle.


Utah’s Legislative Redistricting Committee launched their official website, which will provide updates on the redistricting process and details on how the public can participate.