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Due to the redistricting data delay, 2022 congressional candidates for both parties have begun their campaigns without knowledge of which district they will be running in.

State News


The state’s congressional redistricting commission will ask the Colorado Supreme Court whether final maps can be delivered after the state’s constitutional deadline. Eastern Colorado officials expressed concern as to the placement of Washington County in the legislative commission’s preliminary plan.


High school and college age persons are speaking up in redistricting town halls asking for simpler district shapes and for communities of interest to be kept intact.


State Democrats appointed an Iowa attorney to serve as a replacement commissioner on the Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission.


Population movements will require Kansas’ districts to be reconfigured, with district 3 now overpopulated and the other 3 underpopulated.


Hampered by census data delays, the state’s apportionment commission is hoping the Maine Supreme Court will give it more time to complete redistricting beyond the state constitutional deadlines.


After Governor Hogan established his Citizens Redistricting Commission in January, State Democratic leaders unveiled their own 7-member Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission to aid in redistricting the state.


Local officials urged members of the Legislature’s Committee on Redistricting to not split towns and cities when redrawing the state’s congressional districts.


The Michigan Supreme Court denied a request by the state’s redistricting commission to delay their redistricting deadlines, stating that to do so would be pre-emptive and unwarranted.


Governor Parson appointed 40 people to serve on the House and Senate Independent Bipartisan Citizens Commissions, which are tasked with redrawing Missouri’s legislative districts. The state’s legislative committee for redistricting expects a bipartisan and non-confrontational redistricting process in a special session later in the year.


The state’s Districting and Apportionment Commission agreed on criteria for congressional redistricting and, after lengthy debate, for legislative redistricting.

New Jersey

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s chief justice requested that state party leaders submit their list of candidates for the 11th commissioner on the state’s redistricting commission by August 10.


The ACLU of Ohio is suing the leaders of the Ohio Legislature, seeking documents related to the state’s new redistricting process pursuant to the Ohio Public Records Act.


The Washington State Redistricting Commission released the first phase of its publicly available mapping tool.

West Virginia

State lawmakers expect to begin the redistricting process in the late summer, but will want to wait for the census data to draw their maps.