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In a public hearing Arizona’s redistricting commission heard testimony about how the Census Bureau’s new differential privacy tool will affect their ability to draw districts in compliance with federal law, among other concerns from residents. The commission aims to finish legislative and congressional plans by late December, but observers do not expect the state’s delegation to change much.


A Sacramento Bee op-ed urges the state’s redistricting commission to stop holding closed door meetings and increase transparency in the redistricting process. The commission will ask the California Supreme Court for another extension of its redistricting deadlines, citing the need for additional public participation.


The state’s redistricting commission filed a petition with the Colorado Supreme Court requesting that the deadlines for proposing and adopting a congressional plan be extended.


Republican leaders in the state initially selected their three appointees to the Idaho Citizens Committee for Reapportionment, but one of the appointees removed himself from consideration due to eligibility requirements.


A three-judge panel of federal judges will decide whether the state legislature’s enacted legislative redistricting plan based upon population estimates is constitutional, but state Democrats are trying to have the challenge dismissed.


The Maine Supreme Court granted a petition to extend the state’s congressional and legislative redistricting deadlines, but declined to do so for county commissioner districts.


Republicans are renewing their focus on redistricting in states that lost congressional seats in the recent reapportionment, like Michigan.

New Jersey

The New Jersey Supreme Court will select the thirteenth member of the state’s congressional redistricting commission after the state parties were unable to reach an agreement by their deadline.

New Mexico

The state’s new redistricting committee launched a website to solicit plans and comments from the public during the redistricting process.


The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the Ohio House of Representatives, seeking records pertaining to the redistricting process pursuant to Ohio’s public records law.


National Democrats are at odds with Oregon’s Democratic leadership following a legislative compromise which gave Republicans another seat on the House Redistricting Committee, making it an even party split.


Pennsylvania Republicans promised to undertake the “most transparent redistricting process” in the state’s history, including public hearings throughout the state and public map submissions.


The Utah Independent Redistricting Commission launched its new website to allow state residents to participate in the map drawing process.


Virginia Republicans appointed a Lynchburg attorney to replace the commissioner who resigned from the state’s redistricting commission earlier this month.


The state’s redistricting commission released the first phase of its publicly available mapping tool and indicated they aim to release congressional and legislative maps in late September.