National News

2020 Census

The decade’s redistricting cycle commenced with the release of 2020 Census data last week, with many states facing short timelines for enacting new electoral maps. Census results show that the U.S. population is growing more diverse, and that Americans are migrating from the Northeast and Midwest to the South and West.

Redistricting News

Democrats are expected to fight most of their redistricting challenges in state courts during this cycle.

State News


Colorado legislative redistricting commission voted in favor of reallocating incarcerated persons to their last known residences when redrawing new legislative maps, but the state’s congressional commission voted against doing so for congressional maps.


Idaho’s Secretary of State issued an order forming the six-member redistricting commission charged with redrawing the state’s legislative districts.


With Illinois losing a congressional seat this cycle, Democrats redrawing the state’s congressional plan are looking at eliminating one of the currently GOP-held districts, but which one is not yet clear.


Iowa’s Legislative Services Agency plans to release their congressional and legislative redistricting plans on September 16.

New York

Former New York Congressman John Faso argues in an op-ed that the measures being proposed for the ballot this fall by Albany Democrats are designed to solidify the party’s power in the state.

North Carolina

The General Assembly’s redistricting committees adopted congressional and legislative redistricting criteria for this cycle.


Virginia's redistricting commission voted to delay the official start of the map-drawing process to August 26 and to allow the use of political data, amidst difficulties deciding on hiring redistricting consultant(s) and the starting point for new maps. A new petition filed with the Virginia Supreme Court challenges the General Assembly’s redistricting criteria and prisoner reallocation statutes, alleging violations of the state constitution and the weakening of rural political strength.


The day after 2020 Census data was released, a lawsuit was filed in federal court alleging the state’s current legislative and congressional districts are now unconstitutionally malapportioned and requesting the court involve itself in the redistricting process. State Republicans approved a plan to intervene in the lawsuit.