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The redistricting strategies of both Republicans and Democrats are adapting to reflect the challenges of this cycle, including COVID-19 delays, changes in federal and state statutory requirements, and the role of federal and state courts in the process. The President of the company that owns and licenses Maptitude stated that their latest version of the widely used redistricting software will include new metrics leaving a sort of “paper trail” that will make it easier to identify extreme gerrymanders. The National Republican Redistricting Trust indicated that it will closely scrutinize maps drawn by commissions.

State News


State lawmakers will return on August 31 for a one-day special session to make adjustments to the state’s enacted legislative redistricting map following the release of 2020 Census population figures.


The state’s Redistricting Commission approved its map drawing schedule and process, setting December 30, 2021 as the earliest possible date for approving final maps.


Governor Mike Parson stated he won’t be calling lawmakers back in special session this year for congressional redistricting, but state lawmakers plan to begin preparations with the goal of having a proposed map ready in January 2022.


Ohio’s Redistricting Commission launched a website allowing members of the public to submit comments, testimony and their own redistricting plans.


The Legislative Reapportionment Commission approved a policy to count incarcerated individuals as residing at their last known address for purposes of legislative redistricting.


Virginia’s Redistricting Commission voted in favor of scrapping the state’s current maps and redrawing new congressional and legislative districts from scratch.


A conservative group filed a redistricting lawsuit with the Wisconsin Supreme Court challenging the state’s current congressional and legislative as now unconstitutionally malapportioned.


State lawmakers adopted guidelines for the redrawing of Wyoming’s legislative districts and appropriated funds to establish an online portal for gathering public input on the process.