Significant Mapping Developments


Colorado’s Congressional Commission released its 1st staff plan.


Oregon’s redistricting committee released congressional and legislative plans.

National News

Redistricting News

Some Democrats are concerned that the redistricting reforms they’ve advocated for will negatively impact the party this cycle.

State News


Members of the public can now submit their own redistricting plans to the state’s newly created Citizens Redistricting Commission.


A recently released report raised questions about the neutrality of certain members on the state’s independent redistricting commission. A lawsuit was filed in the Michigan Supreme Court challenging the Redistricting Commission’s recently adopted map-drawing timeline as violating the deadlines established by the state constitution. The commission is currently debating how to define and address communities of interest in their new redistricting plans.


Having missed their first redistricting deadline, it’s not yet clear whether the state’s legislative redistricting commission will propose and adopt a map by its next deadline on September 15.


State Legislators released their publicly available mapping tool to allow members of the public to draw and submit redistricting plans to the state’s redistricting committees.


The state’s redistricting commission began drawing new maps, but some commissioners are already displeased with the drafts they’ve seen.