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National News

2020 Census

Despite challenging conditions, a shortened deadline, and the layoff of census takers, the Bureau began counting people experiencing homelessness after reaching 95% of homes. A Healthiest Communities Analysis looks at the relationship between the coronavirus pandemic and the response rates to a shortened census.

The Trump Administration is seeking a swift decision after appealing a three-judge panel’s ruling to the Supreme Court.

Redistricting News

Democrats seek to flip state legislative chambers in key redistricting states in North Carolina and Texas.

State News


The Commission on Appellate Court Appointments narrowed the list of 138 applicants down to 51 candidates for the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission. Governor Ducey encourages census participation as workers head into final stretch of counting Native and hard-to-reach populations.


Officials urge census participation as the deadline approaches.


The state’s top lawmakers encourage Latino residents to participate in the census.


The state’s new Independent Redistricting Commission held its first public meetings last week. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson will hold a random drawing to replace a commission member who resigned.


Opponents to Amendment 3 allege it will dilute minority representation.


Montana is at risk of an undercount, the result of which could be the loss of a congressional seat.

North Carolina

The state’s census participation lags behind the rest of the nation.


The Oklahoma House hired former speaker T.W. Shannon to aid with redistricting. Proponents of a ballot measure withdrew their 2022 redistricting state question. The census director visited the state.


Pennsylvania lawmakers may have less redistricting power in 2021 if a proposed bill becomes law.


After announcing a new PAC in support of November’s redistricting amendment, state senator Emmett Hanger considers a gubernatorial run.