Significant Mapping Developments


The state House and Senate released proposed legislative redistricting plans.


Hawaii’s Reapportionment Commission approved a congressional redistricting plan proposal.


State Democrats released their proposed congressional plan. A federal court struck down the state’s legislative redistricting plans drawn using ACS data.


The state’s joint redistricting committee released proposed state House and Senate redistricting plans.

New Mexico

The state’s advisory redistricting commission approved three congressional plans for recommendation to the State Legislature.


The Texas Legislature passed legislative and congressional plans and sent them to the Governor.


Vermont’s Reapportionment Board approved a state House redistricting draft proposal for public comment.

West Virginia

The West Virginia Legislature passed a congressional plan and sent it to the Governor. The state Senate also passed House and Senate redistricting plans and sent them to the state House.

Important Dates

This Week

Arizona – 10/27 Deadline: Commission’s draft congressional and legislative plans

Illinois – In veto session until 10/28

Iowa – 10/21 Deadline: 2nd LSA proposed maps expected to be released

Montana – 10/21 Deadline: Tentative final map selection

Virginia – 10/26 Deadline: Commission congressional maps to General Assembly

Next Week

Alabama – 10/28: Special session convenes

Iowa – 10/28: 2nd special session expected to convene

Montana – 10/30: Commission votes on final congressional maps

Utah – 11/1: Commission congressional and legislative maps to State Legislature

National News

Redistricting News

Redistricting commissions in several states have broken down and deadlocked amongst partisan squabbles and accusations of Commissioners acting in bad faith.

State News


State and National Democrats are at odds over how gerrymandered the Illinois congressional plan should be. The NAACP and other voting rights organizations filed a federal lawsuit alleging several districts in the state’s enacted legislative plans are unconstitutional racial gerrymanders.


Governor Hogan’s Citizen Redistricting Commission released their proposed congressional and legislative redistricting plans.


The National Democratic Redistricting Committee moved to intervene in the partisan gerrymandering challenge against the state’s enacted congressional plan, defending it as legal and fair.


A coalition of Latino civil rights groups and Texas voters filed a federal lawsuit challenging the State Legislature’s passed congressional and legislative plans as unlawfully diluting Latino voting strength.