Significant Mapping Developments


Alabama’s governor signed congressional and legislative plans into law.


Alaska’s Redistricting Board adopted a final state House plan.


California’s redistricting commission released visualizations for congressional and legislative maps, many of which prompted public criticism.


Georgia’s Senate passed a state Senate plan and sent it to the state House.


Idaho’s redistricting commission approved final congressional and legislative plans but will re-do their votes on them to comply with state open meetings laws.


Iowa’s governor signed congressional and legislative plans into law.


Governor Hogan’s advisory commission released their final congressional and legislative plan proposals, and the Legislature’s advisory commission released four concept congressional plans.


Massachusetts’ governor signed congressional and legislative plans into law.


Following a controversial decision to change their procedures, Michigan’s redistricting commission submitted an additional six redistricting plan proposals for public comment.


Montana’s redistricting commission approved a final congressional plan.

North Carolina

The North Carolina General Assembly enacted congressional and legislative plans.


Ohio Republicans and Democrats have released their congressional plan proposals in what will likely be a contentious legislative process.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s Senate redistricting committee released their proposed state Senate redistricting plan.


Utah’s House passed a congressional redistricting plan and sent it to the Senate for approval.


Wisconsin’s Senate passed congressional and legislative redistricting plans and sent them to the House for approval, but Governor Evers has indicated he intends to veto the plans.

Important Dates

This Week

Georgia – In special session

North Dakota – In special session

South Dakota – In special session

Utah – In special session

Alaska – 11/10 Deadline: Redistricting Board’s adoption of final legislative plans

Montana – 11/14 Deadline: Commission’s final congressional plan filed with Secretary of


California – 11/15 Deadline: Commission’s preliminary congressional and legislative plans


Colorado – 11/15 Deadline: State Supreme Court review of commission’s legislative maps

Maryland – 11/15: General Assembly’s commission expected to release proposed plans

Oklahoma – 11/15: Special session to convene

Washington – 11/15 Deadline: Commission’s final congressional and legislative plans submitted to Legislature

Next Week

New Hampshire – 11/18 Deadline: Redistricting Committee’s congressional and legislative plan recommendations

National News

2020 Census

The U.S. Senate confirmed Robert Santos as the new Director of the U.S. Census Bureau.

State News


A group of Alabama voters filed a federal lawsuit challenging Alabama’s enacted congressional plan as violating Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.


Governor Hogan called for a special redistricting session to convene on December 6.


Members of the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Congressional Redistricting were announced.


Several lawsuits were filed by Democrats and Latino members of the Texas House challenging Texas’s enacted congressional and legislative plans as racially discriminatory.


Republican and Democratic legislative leaders nominated their Special Master candidates to aid the Virginia Supreme Court in redistricting the state, but both sides have raised concerns that the other’s nominees are biased.