Census Bureau Public Input

Fair Lines America Foundation submitted a comment in response to the Census Bureau's request for public input and suggestions regarding the 2030 Census operational design. Read FLAF's full submission here.

National News


Systematic counting errors in the 2020 Census disproportionately benefitted Democrat-leaning states and harmed Republican-leaning states.

Redistricting News

Republicans secured key victories in state Supreme Court races in Ohio and North Carolina with potentially significant implications for their ongoing redistricting lawsuits.

State News


A federal district court declined to dismiss the racial gerrymandering challenge to the state’s enacted congressional plan. In the first test of the new map, Republicans flipped three congressional seats, bringing their total delegation from Florida up to 20.


A Franklin County circuit court judge upheld Kentucky’s congressional and state House plans as constitutional on the grounds the Kentucky Constitution does not prohibit partisan redistricting considerations.


The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed an appeal seeking a preliminary injunction blocking Michigan’s congressional plan from being used in the 2022 election. The maps drawn by Michigan’s new redistricting commission were crucial to Democrats winning control of the Michigan Legislature.

New York

Republicans’ successful challenge to New York’s congressional redistricting plan set the stage for several key victories there which proved pivotal to their path back to the House majority.

North Carolina

Republicans retook the North Carolina Supreme Court with a 5-2 majority following Tuesday’s election.


Ohio’s redistricting lawsuits will face a differently composed Ohio Supreme Court after Republicans swept all three of the seats up for election this year. Republicans also made gains to their supermajorities in the Ohio General Assembly.