National News

2020 Census

The Biden transition team is considering changes to the 2030 Census. The litigation that led to a temporary halt of the count in October is heading towards a full trial in early 2021.

Citizen Reapportionment

House Democrats filed a brief against President Trump’s attempt to base reapportionment on legal residency.

Redistricting News

Republicans won almost every election where redistricting was at stake. Continued Republican redistricting control could lead to a GOP U.S. House majority in 2023.

State News


Senate Democrats seek fair redrawing of legislative maps.


Redistricting data might be delayed due to the coronavirus.

New Jersey

Democrats will vote as a block to prevent any redistricting deals with Republicans. LeRoy Jones, Jr. will serve as the Democratic redistricting chairman even as criticisms of the commission arise.

New York

The state’s independent redistricting commission put procedural plans in motion on Thursday.

North Carolina

House Speaker Tim Moore shared support for a more transparent redistricting process.


Despite Democrat efforts, redistricting remains in the hands of Republicans.