Significant Mapping Developments


Connecticut’s backup commission approved a state House redistricting plan and a Senate redistricting plan.


Georgia’s State Legislature approved a congressional plan and sent it to the Governor for his signature.


Governor Pritzker signed the General Assembly’s congressional plan into law.


The General Assembly’s Democrat-controlled advisory redistricting commission advanced a final congressional plan proposal.


Massachusetts’ Governor signed the General Court’s congressional plan into law.


Minnesota House Democrats released their proposed legislative redistricting plans, but the Minnesota Supreme Court will likely have the final say on plans.


Ohio’s governor signed the General Assembly’s four-year congressional plan into law.


Oklahoma’s governor signed congressional and updated legislative plans into law.


The state Supreme Court assumed congressional and legislative redistricting authority after the state’s redistricting commission missed its deadline to adopt final plans. The court has requested details on the commission’s final actions in the days leading up to the missed deadline.


Governor Evers vetoed the State Legislature’s passed congressional and legislative plans, likely teeing up a redistricting fight in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Important Dates

This Week

Connecticut – 11/30 Deadline: Backup commission must adopt final congressional and legislative plans

South Carolina – 12/1: House special redistricting session to convene

Next Week

Maryland – 12/6: Special congressional redistricting session to convene

New Mexico – 12/6: Special redistricting session to convene

State News


Michigan’s redistricting commission denied a records request for memos related to compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act despite a recent opinion by the state’s Attorney General finding that the memos and the hearings on them should have been publicly accessible.

North Carolina

Another lawsuit was filed challenging the state’s enacted congressional and legislative plans as partisan and racial gerrymanders in violation of the state constitution.


The National Redistricting Action Fund filed a lawsuit challenging Ohio’s enacted congressional plan as a partisan gerrymander in violation of the Ohio Constitution.


The Oregon Supreme Court rejected two challenges to the state’s enacted legislative redistricting plans.

South Carolina

The Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives called lawmakers back for a special redistricting session to begin on December 1.


The Virginia Supreme Court appointed Bernard Grofman and Sean Trende to serve as special masters for the preparation of congressional and legislative redistricting plans.