National News

2020 Census

Census data irregularities are being fixed, but the delay may impact the Census Bureau’s ability to meet its December 31st deadline. The Bureau was threatened with a subpoena if it does not deliver the requested data documents for review.

Redistricting News

Redistricting is expected to have deep partisan divides.

State News


A Democrat lawsuit challenging the list of chair nominees for the state’s redistricting panel was dismissed.


Approximately 2,500 Coloradans applied to serve on the state’s congressional and legislative redistricting commissions.


Kansas redistricting may be difficult due to the state’s divided government


Republicans have complete control over redistricting for the first time.


Suann Hammersmith will serve as the first executive director for the state’s redistricting commission.


Drawing new districts during the 2021 regular session is unlikely if the census data is delayed.

New York

The state’s redistricting commission is stalled as it has not received funding from the state.


Senate President Greg Treat announced the members serving on the senate’s redistricting committee.