Significant Mapping Developments


Arizona’s redistricting commission approved revised draft congressional and legislative plans, with commissioners aiming to hold a final adoption vote later today.


California’s redistricting commission approved final congressional and legislative plans that the AP reports give Democrats a boost.


Maryland’s Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission released its final proposed legislative plan.


Mississippi’s Joint Redistricting Committee approved a final congressional plan proposal.

New Jersey

The tie-breaking member on New Jersey’s congressional redistricting commission approved the Democrat’s proposed congressional plan as final before the map had been released to the public. Republican commissioners have decried the map as a partisan gerrymander.

New Mexico

New Mexico’s governor signed the legislature’s congressional plan into law.


Pennsylvania’s legislative redistricting commission released preliminary state house and state senate redistricting plans.


Tennessee’s House redistricting committee advanced a state house redistricting proposal.


Interested parties submitted their proposed congressional and legislative plans to the Wisconsin Supreme Court for their consideration.

Important Dates

This Week

Arizona – 12/22 Deadline: Commission-adopted schedule’s deadline to approve final congressional and legislative plans.

Missouri – 12/23 Deadline: Commission’s tentative final legislative plans filed with Secretary of State.

California – 12/27 Deadline: Final congressional and legislative plans and report filed with Secretary of State.

Michigan – 12/28: Tentative date for vote to adopt final congressional and legislative plans.

Next Week

New York – 1/1/22 Deadline: Commission’s 1st attempt to adopt congressional and legislative plans.

State News


Connecticut’s backup commission failed to agree on a congressional plan by its court-extended deadline, setting the stage for the Connecticut Supreme Court to assume redistricting authority.


Two more lawsuits were filed challenging Idaho’s redistricting commission’s adopted plans, one to the congressional plan and one to the legislative plan.


Michigan’s Supreme Court held that the state’s redistricting commission must disclose seven confidential memoranda used during map-drawing and the record from their closed-door meeting.


Montana’s redistricting commission is moving forward with a plan to reallocate incarcerated individuals to their prior residences for purposes of legislative redistricting.


Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court issued an order establishing a January 30, 2022, deadline for the General Assembly and Governor to pass a congressional plan, otherwise the court will select a plan to adopt.