Citizen-Initiated Amendments


Initiative: 815; Withdrawn.

Proponents: People Not Politicians Oklahoma

Signatures Required: 177,958

Collection Deadline: 90 days after determined start date

Signatures Submitted: Withdrawn before circulation began.

Summary: This initiative aimed to create a 9-member Independent Redistricting Commission responsible for both legislative and congressional redistricting. A panel of retired judges would have selected the 9 commissioners by lot, 3 affiliated with the largest political party in the state, 3 affiliated with the second largest political party in the state, and 3 unaffiliated as described by the measure. The petition was received by the office of the Secretary of State on August 11, 2020 and two lawsuits (Gaddis v. Moore & McCormick v. Largent) were filed challenging it on September 1, 2020. Proponents announced plans to withdraw the petition on September 22, 2020.