National News


  • Eric Holder’s NDRC has a new President and a new Executive Director.
  • Multiple lawsuits moving through the courts could help Republicans gain seats in 2024.



State News


The city of Jacksonville is reportedly nearing a settlement with civil rights groups that sued the city over its 2022 district map.


A federal lawsuit over Boston’s City Council districts is pitting various Democrat-aligned factions against each other.


The Montana legislature is advancing a constitutional amendment to modify the state's redistricting process.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Supreme Court reheard Moore v. Harper last week. Politico reports the Court “seems inclined” to reverse last year’s rulings.

American Redistricting Project Updates

Litigation Pages

Notable new filings are available for Hoffmann v. N.Y. State IRC (NY), Moore v. Harper (NC), and the five Georgia cases as well as dozens of other filings in 20 other active cases.