Alexander v. S.C. State Conference of the NAACP

The Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments in a case over South Carolina’s congressional map for October 11, 2023. SCOTUS Docket. ARP Case Page.

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Lawsuits and redraws in a handful of states will play a big role in who controls the U.S. House majority following the 2024 elections.

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The Census Bureau announced next steps in its planning for the 2030 Census.

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The Alabama legislature repealed its 2021 Congressional plan and replaced it with a new one amidst significant national attention. Governor Ivey signed it into law on July 21. Plaintiffs filed their objections, as did the Department of Justice. The three-judge panel presiding over the case hired a new cartographer after Nate Persily backed out. Various media outlets and liberal commentators claim Alabama is defying the federal courts. NRRT and Ilya Shapiro disagree.


Plaintiffs in Miami won an injunction against the City’s commission map, but the 11th Circuit blocked the District Court’s opinion. Plaintiffs have now appealed to the Supreme Court.

New Mexico

After the New Mexico Supreme Court established guidelines for analyzing partisan gerrymanders under the state constitution a lower court moved quickly to set trial for September. Common Cause applauded the NMSC order.

New York

An appellate court ruled in favor of Democrat-aligned plaintiffs in a challenge to New York’s congressional map. The case has been appealed to the New York Court of Appeals. D.C. Democrats are already making plans to pass a new gerrymander that could also violate New York’s constitution.

Democrats filed a state-court challenge to Nassau County’s legislative map.


A trial in Galveston County that began on Monday is setting up to be another major test of the Voting Rights Act.


The Utah Supreme Court heard arguments over the state’s congressional map and requested supplemental briefing.


There are now two new lawsuits at the Wisconsin Supreme Court against Wisconsin’s legislative maps.

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New filings are available for more than 20 active cases.