Redistricting News

There are many outstanding redistricting fights left to be resolved before the 2024 elections. The left is accusing Republicans of launching a “two-pronged attack” on the Voting Rights Act. Both sides are highlighting the perceived partisanship of state judiciaries.

Census News

The Census Bureau released its 2023 population estimates (data tables here) showing population trends returning to pre-pandemic norms.

Fair Lines America Foundation used the most recent population estimates to produce its annual reapportionment forecast. Red states, particularly in the south, are poised to see a considerable increase in political power if current trends continue. The 2020s could become the slowest population growing decade in American history.

State News


State legislative redistricting litigation was narrowed significantly.


A federal three judge panel will allow a case challenging Arkansas’ congressional map to proceed.


Federal and state cases against Florida’s congressional map continue to advance toward resolution.


A federal judge upheld Georgia Republicans’ remedial legislative and congressional maps. The new congressional map created four majority-black seats in metro-Atlanta (up from two). Judge Jones found that the maps complied with his order and left arguments over coalition districts to future litigation. The five ongoing cases can be found here.


On December 14, 2023, the Kentucky Supreme Court upheld Kentucky’s congressional and legislative maps. Democrat plaintiffs argued the maps violated the Kentucky Constitution. The case was Graham v. Adams.


The Fifth Circuit declined to reconsider a decision by a three judge panel that upheld private rights of action.

A proposal to redraw Louisiana’s Supreme Court districts for the first time in decades is stirring up controversy.


A three judge panel found that Michigan’s Independent Redistricting Commission violated the 14th Amendment when it drew the state’s legislative seats. Multiple commissioners have resigned and calls are mounting for another one to step down. Outside groups believe a special master may be required to draw legal maps.

New York

The New York Court of Appeals ordered the IRC to reconvene and submit a second congressional map to the legislature by February 28, 2024. The commission met on December 28, 2023, to begin the process of complying with the court’s order.

North Carolina

Democrats fear North Carolina’s new congressional map could cost them up to four seats in Congress. Speaker Moore called the new lawsuits “desperate.”


The Tennessee Supreme Court stayed a lower court order leaving the existing Senate map in place for 2024.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered new legislative maps for 2024, but did not call for special elections. Republican legislators asked the court to reconsider its opinion.

ARP Updates


New filings are available for dozens of active cases.