National News


Control of the U.S. House may come down to redistricting battles playing out in state courts. With the House so closely divided “every seat matters.”


The 2020 Census likely undercounted Asians in some states and overcounted them in others. The Bureau released 2022 voting and registration data.

State News


The Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the state’s legislative maps are unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders. The landmark ruling reportedly favors Democrats.


The Montana legislature moved forward with a redraw of the state’s Public Service Commission districts.

New York

Democrats are looking to get the New York Court of Appeals to permit a redo of the congressional maps imposed by a state court last year. The move could have implications for control of the U.S. House, but is facing resistance from the left. New Assembly districts were approved over complaints from activists.

North Carolina

In a 5-2 ruling the North Carolina Supreme Court reversed a series of rulings from 2022. The legislature is expected to redraw the Congressional map as well as both chambers of the state legislature later this year.


A lawsuit over the state’s legislative maps went to trial.


The Texas House reaffirmed maps it passed in 2021 in order to comply with the state constitution.


Liberals in Wisconsin are gearing up to challenge the state’s legislative maps once Janet Protasiewicz is sworn in August 1st.

American Redistricting Project Updates


FLAF posted two new blogs examining U.S. population migration patterns from 2020 through 2022. The first post used the Census’ annual county-level population estimates and the second utilized the IRS’s Statistics of Income.


Notable new filings are available for Moore v. Harper (NC) and Hoffmann v. N.Y. State IRC (NY) as well as dozens of other filings in 17 other active cases.