National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau missed its December 31st deadline for producing its reapportionment dataset, but states an early analysis shows little evidence of falsified data. The Bureau anticipates a February release of census data, but admits that is only a goal.

State News


A group of Republican lawmakers are proposing a bill this week seeking to create an independent redistricting commission tasked with redrawing legislative districts.


State lawmakers are confident redistricting will still be completed by the end of the year despite census delays.

New Jersey

Legislative redistricting will probably not occur before the state’s off-year elections.

North Carolina

Redistricting will be a priority for the General Assembly with the likelihood of the state gaining another congressional seat.


After 1,200 applications and concerns about diversity, a panel of judges narrowed down the 62 citizen finalists to select the eight citizen commissioners for the state’s new bipartisan redistricting commission.