Significant Mapping Developments


Arizona’s Redistricting Commission voted to certify their adopted congressional plan as final, with the Democratic commissioners opposing the plan they voted to adopt last month. The Commission adjourned without certifying their legislative plans following public disagreements between the Chair and Democratic members.


The Connecticut Supreme Court’s special master submitted his congressional plan to the Court which largely reflects the state Democrats’ plan proposal.


The Florida Senate’s redistricting committee advanced a proposed congressional plan to the full Senate, and Governor DeSantis submitted his own congressional plan proposal to the state Senate. The Florida House also released a new draft state House redistricting plan.


Kansas Republicans released several draft congressional redistricting plans, with some proposals splitting the Kansas City area district currently held by Democrats.


Maryland’s Senate redistricting committee advanced the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission’s proposed legislative plan to the full Senate.


Missouri’s House perfected the House Republican’s proposed congressional plan, teeing it up for a final passage vote later this week.

New Jersey

The tie-breaking member of New Jersey’s legislative redistricting commission will release map proposals on February 8th and seek public input before a final adoption vote, likely spurned by criticism of their congressional counterpart’s process.


Ohio’s Supreme Court struck down the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s adopted legislative plans as violating the Ohio Constitution’s proportionality and partisan fairness provisions. The Court also struck down the General Assembly’s enacted congressional plan as violating a separate partisan fairness state constitutional provision.


As they approach the state court’s January 30th enactment deadline, Pennsylvania’s state House passed a congressional redistricting plan and sent it to the state Senate. Governor Wolf reiterated his objections to the House’s passed plan and released his own proposed congressional plan.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s advisory redistricting commission approved final congressional and legislative plans for recommendation to the General Assembly.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s state House passed a congressional redistricting plan and sent it to the state Senate, which is considering two different amendments to the plan.


Tennessee’s House redistricting committee advanced a proposed congressional redistricting plan that would split Nashville into three districts.

Important Dates

This Week

Ohio – 1/22: Ohio Redistricting Commission’s court-ordered deadline to adopt remedial legislative redistricting plans.

Missouri – 1/23: Commission’s deadline to file final legislative redistricting plans

New York – 1/25: Commission’s deadline to submit second proposed congressional and legislative plans to the state legislature

Next Week

Pennsylvania – 1/30: Court-established deadline to enact a congressional plan through the legislative process.

Louisiana – 2/1: Extraordinary redistricting session scheduled to convene

State News

North Carolina

A three-judge N.C. Superior Court panel upheld the state legislature’s enacted congressional plan against a partisan gerrymandering challenge, which plaintiffs quickly appealed to the state Supreme Court. Various voting rights groups are seeking the recusal of several N.C. Supreme Court justices from the appeal, citing potential conflicts of interest.