Significant Mapping Developments


A federal three-judge panel threw out Alabama’s enacted congressional plan for violating Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and gave the state 14 days to enact a remedial plan.


After an initial delay, Arizona’s redistricting commission certified their congressional and legislative plans as final to the Secretary of State.


Florida’s Senate passed a congressional plan and sent it to the House. Florida’s House also released an updated state House redistricting plan.


Kansas’s state legislature passed a congressional redistricting plan and sent it to the Governor.


Kentucky enacted congressional, state Senate, and state House redistricting plans after the state legislature voted to override the Governor’s veto of the congressional and state House plans. State Democrats filed a lawsuit challenging the enacted congressional and state House plans as partisan gerrymanders that violate the state’s Free and Equal Elections Clause.


Maryland’s Senate passed the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission’s legislative plan proposal and sent it to the state House where it was advanced out of committee on a party-line vote.


Mississippi’s Governor signed a congressional redistricting plan into law.


A Missouri Senate committee advanced the congressional plan passed by the state House to the full chamber.


Ohio’s Redistricting Commission approved remedial legislative plans and submitted them to the Ohio Supreme Court for their review.


Pennsylvania’s state legislature passed a congressional plan, but the state’s Governor is expected to veto it. Parties in the congressional redistricting deadlock litigation submitted their proposed congressional plans to the Commonwealth Court.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s Senate passed an amended version of the House’s congressional redistricting plan and sent it back to the House for approval.


Tennessee’s state legislature passed congressional and state Senate redistricting plans and sent them to the Governor. The state House also passed a state House plan and sent it to the Senate.


Vermont’s House passed a state House redistricting plan that retains multi-member districts and sent it to the state Senate.

Important Dates

This Week

Pennsylvania – 1/30: Court-established deadline to enact a congressional plan through the legislative process.

Louisiana – 2/1: Extraordinary redistricting session scheduled to convene

Next Week

New Jersey – 2/8: Tie-breaking commissioner’s deadline for legislative plan proposals

Washington – 2/9: Legislature’s deadline to amend commission’s adopted congressional and legislative plans

National News

Redistricting News

Stakeholders continue to assess how the redistricting processes will play out in the remaining battleground states. As Democrats proceed with aggressive redistricting maneuvers in states they control, a North Carolina op-ed points out the party’s hypocritical stance on partisan gerrymandering.

State News


The DCCC filed a motion to intervene in the state lawsuit challenging Maryland’s enacted congressional plan as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.


Michigan Republicans filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Michigan redistricting commission’s adopted congressional plan as violating the one person, one vote constitutional requirements and state redistricting criteria.

New Jersey

New Jersey Democrats removed and replaced one of their appointees to the state’s legislative redistricting commission. New reports detail additional conflicts of interest between several members of the state’s legislative redistricting commission, the independent advisors to the tie-breaking commissioners, and Democratic donors.

New Mexico

New Mexico’s Republican Party filed a state lawsuit challenging the state’s enacted congressional plan as a partisan gerrymander in violation of the New Mexico Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.

New York

New York’s redistricting commission failed to submit their second congressional and legislative redistricting proposals, so map-drawing authority now passes to the state legislature.

North Carolina

With lawsuits pending over the state’s enacted congressional plan, Buncombe County hired legal counsel to advise them on their county-level redistricting process.