National News

2020 Census

After suspending the processing of citizenship data, Census advocates suggest that the Biden Administration needs to prioritize transparency to depoliticize the 2020 Census. Experts expect demographic trends already evident nationwide to be reflected in the census figures.

Redistricting News

Among other proposed changes to election procedures, a portion of H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” would require the states to adopt independent redistricting commissions to draw their congressional districts.

State News


Census estimates indicate the state’s population grew.


Psychologist Erika Neuberg was selected to chair the state’s independent redistricting commission.


Census delays may prevent the state’s new legislative and congressional redistricting commissions from meeting their mandated deadline which would result in nonpartisan legislative staff drawing the new maps.


Republican state legislators continue their efforts to establish an independent redistricting commission.

New York

The State Assembly approved a constitutional amendment to go before voters in November that would alter the vote requirement necessary to enact redistricting plans.

North Dakota

A bill sponsored by Republican leaders seeks to establish a committee of legislators who would outline the state’s process for legislative redistricting.


The state’s redistricting commission convened for the first time Thursday night. Democrats filed a bill that would permit the removal of a Commissioner for "neglect of duty or gross misconduct." Democrats on Virginia’s commission say legislative maps will likely remain relatively unchanged by redistricting.


Former state senator Joe Fain was appointed to the 2021 Washington State Redistricting Commission.


A bill proposing to apportion the state’s electoral college votes based on the results of each of its congressional districts raises concerns about partisan redistricting.