Significant Mapping Developments


Florida’s House Redistricting Committee advanced a state House redistricting proposal to the full chamber. Actions on congressional plans were halted after Governor DeSantis requested an advisory opinion from the Florida Supreme Court as to whether the Florida Constitution protects the configuration of the state’s 5th Congressional District.


Hawaii’s Reapportionment Commission approved final congressional and legislative plans and filed them with the Secretary of State.


Lawmakers released five proposed congressional redistricting plans and one proposed state Senate plan as they returned for an extraordinary redistricting session.


Maryland’s General Assembly enacted the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission’s final legislative plan by joint resolution.

New York

New York Democrats released their congressional and legislative plan proposals, which critics have decried as aggressive partisan gerrymanders. The state Assembly passed the congressional plan and sent it to the State Senate.


Pennsylvania’s Governor vetoed the congressional plan passed by Republicans in the State Legislature.

Important Dates

This Week

New Jersey – 2/8: Tie-breaking commissioner’s deadline for legislative plan proposals from commissioners

Washington – 2/9: Legislature’s deadline to amend commission’s adopted congressional and legislative plans

Next Week

Ohio – 2/13: General Assembly’s court-ordered deadline to enact a remedial congressional plan

Connecticut – 2/15: Connecticut Supreme Court’s deadline for special master’s plan to be filed with Secretary of State

Minnesota – 2/15: Statutory deadline to enact congressional and legislative plans

State News


The general counsel to Michigan’s redistricting commission resigned following public disputes with the commission’s chair. A coalition of voting rights groups filed a lawsuit challenging the commission’s adopted state House plan as a partisan gerrymander that benefits Republicans.

New Jersey

A New Jersey Superior Court judge rejected the former state Senate President’s application to reclaim his position on the state’s legislative redistricting commission following his removal by Democrats last week.


Days after the Commonwealth Court completed trial and after having twice rejected requests to do so earlier, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court voted to assume extraordinary jurisdiction over the congressional map deadlock litigation.


Texas’s primary election will proceed as scheduled after a federal three-judge panel denied a request to block the use of a new state Senate district while challenges against it are pending.


Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled that state Republicans acted properly when they hired redistricting counsel prior to any litigation being filed.