National News

2020 Census

The coalition that sued the previous administration over the 2020 Census and the Department of Justice jointly asked for a seven day suspension of an order from a federal judge in California concerning census data documents.

Redistricting News

The delayed release of census apportionment data will have an effect on 2022 candidate recruitment, congressional and legislative redistricting, elections in New Jersey and Virginia, and likely lead to increased litigation.

State News


The state's independent redistricting commission is prioritizing hiring staff and legal counsel as it waits for census data.


The state's first six redistricting commissioners were selected. Due to data delays and the state's constitutional deadlines, the commission's nonpartisan staff might have to draw the state's new congressional and legislative districts.


The state legislature is anticipating having to return sometime after July for a special session focused on redistricting.


Constitutional deadlines for new maps pose numerous challenges for the Maine Legislature and Maine Supreme Court after data delays.

New Hampshire

The state is unlikely to see redistricting reform after a Senate committee voted to recommend killing a bill creating an independent redistricting advisory commission.

New York

New York's independent redistricting commission has yet to receive its requested funding from the state.


Due to state constitutional deadlines, the task of redistricting may go directly to the Secretary of State and a panel of judges.


State lawmakers will have to return for a special legislative session on redistricting.


The state's advisory redistricting commission selected its members.


Due to redistricting delays, the state could be compelled to hold a special General Assembly election in 2022.