Redistricting News

The Executive Directors of the NDRC and NRRT spoke with Amy Walter on The Takeaway about the upcoming redistricting cycle. The NRCC announced a list of 47 targeted U.S. House seats held by Democrats – including 10 seats that may become competitive due to redistricting.



Coloradans question the perceived biases of unaffiliated applicants for the state's redistricting commissions.


The General Assembly will return this fall for a special session focused on redistricting.

New Mexico

A House committee approved a bill that would create a bipartisan redistricting commission.

New York

After a lengthy wait, the state's independent redistricting commission reportedly received $1 million of its requested $3.2 million from the state's Division of Budget.


Due to census delays, state lawmakers are seeking a postponement or extension of their constitutional and statutory redistricting deadlines.

South Dakota

An organization called "Drawn Together SD" wants to place a constitutional amendment on the 2022 ballot to create a redistricting commission.


Delays to redistricting caused by the late release of census data may slow the state's 2022 election schedule.


A General Assembly committee advanced a bill seeking to add more transparency to the redistricting process.