Significant Mapping Developments


Connecticut’s Supreme Court adopted its special master’s congressional redistricting plan and filed it with the Secretary of State.


Florida’s state House released a new draft congressional plan.


Louisiana’s state House and Senate each passed their own congressional redistricting plans and sent them to the other chamber.


The redistricting panel appointed by Minnesota’s Supreme Court adopted final congressional and legislative plans.

North Carolina

The Republican chair of North Carolina’s House redistricting committee released a new congressional plan proposal.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s General Assembly passed congressional and legislative plans and sent them to the Governor.

Important Dates

This Week

Ohio – 2/17: Commission’s court-ordered deadline to adopt second revised legislative plans

National News

Redistricting News

Observers continue to assess the nation’s new political landscape as courts and commissions have made their mark on this redistricting cycle.

State News


Florida’s Supreme Court declined a request by Governor DeSantis for an advisory opinion regarding whether the Florida Constitution protects the configuration of Florida’s 5th Congressional District.


Idaho’s Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding the state’s congressional districts as in compliance with state constitutional and statutory requirements.


Democratic and civil rights groups filed state lawsuits challenging the state’s enacted congressional plan as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.


The court held a hearing in the partisan gerrymandering challenge to Kentucky’s enacted congressional and state House plans.


A Maryland non-profit filed a petition with the Maryland Court of Appeals challenging the newly enacted legislative plan as violating the state constitution. A state circuit court denied the DCCC’s motion to intervene in the partisan gerrymandering challenge to the state’s enacted congressional plan.


A group of Detroit lawmakers asked Michigan’s Supreme Court to reconsider the dismissal of their Voting Rights Act challenge to the state’s adopted congressional and legislative plans.

Mew Mexico

The Navajo Nation filed a lawsuit against San Juan County challenging the new county commission redistricting plan as violating the Voting Rights Act.

New York

A New York op-ed urges the New York Supreme Court to take action against state Democrats’ partisan gerrymandered redistricting plans.

North Carolina

North Carolina’s Supreme Court issued an opinion fleshing out the details of its ruling striking down the state’s enacted congressional and legislative plans as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders.


The Ohio Redistricting Commission announced plans to meet on Thursday as it prepares to work on remedial legislative plans for the second time.