Redistricting News

The U.S. Census Bureau will release redistricting data to the states by September 30th. This delay will cause problems for states with 2021 redistricting deadlines and the 2021 and 2022 elections calendar.



Six commissioners were selected for the state’s legislative redistricting commission. The commissions’ redistricting deadlines fall before redistricting data is set to be released.


State lawmakers have named two Republicans and two Democrats to serve on a the state’s Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission.

New Hampshire

A bill to establish an independent redistricting advisory commission failed to advance in the state Senate.

New York

The state's redistricting commission voted to reject a contract awarding it $1 million in funding, and some fear the legislature might attempt to bypass their operation.

North Dakota

A proposed bill would exempt draft versions of new legislative maps from state open record laws.


The Ohio House Minority Leader has called for the state’s Legislative Task Force on Redistricting to begin meeting in preparation for the redistricting cycle.


A proposed constitutional amendment seeking to have appellate court judges elected by geographic districts rather than statewide will not be on May’s primary ballot.