Significant Mapping Developments


Louisiana’s legislature passed congressional and legislative redistricting plans and sent them to the Governor for approval.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s legislative redistricting commission adopted a final legislative redistricting plan.

North Carolina

A North Carolina Superior Court panel approved the General Assembly’s remedial legislative plans, but rejected their remedial congressional plan and instead adopted the special masters’ interim congressional plan for use in the 2022 elections.


Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court rejected their special master’s recommendation and ordered the adoption of a congressional plan proposed by a group of Democratic voters who originally filed the deadlock suit.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s governor signed congressional and legislative plans into law.


Wyoming’s state House passed a legislative redistricting plan and sent it to the state Senate.

State News


An Alaska Superior Court judge remanded the state’s adopted legislative redistricting plan back to the Alaska Redistricting Board for corrections after finding constitutional issues underlying its creation.


A federal judge dismissed a federal Voting Rights Act challenge to Arkansas’s adopted state House redistricting plans after the U.S. Attorney General declined to join as a plaintiff in the case.


Florida’s House congressional redistricting subcommittee advanced a congressional plan that does not reconfigure the state’s 5th Congressional District as recommended by Governor DeSantis.


Kansas’s Attorney General asked the Kansas Supreme court to dismiss the two lawsuits challenging the state’s enacted congressional plan as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.


Michigan’s Supreme Court declined to reconsider their dismissal of a Voting Rights Act challenge to the state’s adopted congressional plan. A Republican member of the state’s redistricting commission filed a lawsuit against the commission alleging unlawful denials of her records requests.

North Carolina

A panel of North Carolina Superior Court judges is set to rule on remedial congressional and legislative plans by noon today. A recent report details possible conflicts of interest between a North Carolina Supreme Court justice and Eric Holder’s National Redistricting Foundation.

North Dakota

Two Native American tribes in North Dakota filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state’s enacted legislative plan as violating Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.


Following an initial impasse, Ohio’s Redistricting Commission resumed working on their second remedial legislative plans after the Ohio Supreme Court threatened to hold commissioners in contempt for failing to comply with the Court’s remedial order. A group of Republican voters filed a federal lawsuit against the Ohio Redistricting Commission seeking to force the adoption and use of the Commission’s first remedial legislative plans for the 2022 elections.