2020 Census

Biden administration attorneys argued that Alabama lacks standing to stop the U.S. Census Bureau from including undocumented immigrants in reapportionment calculations. Some voting rights advocates fear that the delayed release of census data will make it more difficult for plaintiffs and courts to handle legal challenges to newly drawn maps.



State legislative leaders released their lists of nominees for the state’s congressional and legislative redistricting commissions.


The general counsel for the state’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission proposed a closed session to discuss concerns and legal strategies related to its redistricting deadlines, a proposal which some believe is prohibited by state open meeting laws. The Michigan Nonprofit Association is working with a coalition of groups to involve underrepresented communities in the redistricting process.


A lawsuit was filed in state court seeking to have the court redistrict the state’s legislative and congressional districts if the Legislature fails to enact new maps by February, 2022.

New York

The Union Times Editorial Board penned an op-ed criticizing what it sees as efforts by the state’s Legislature and governor to undermine the state’s newly created independent redistricting commission.

North Carolina

In a recent interview, former Attorney General Eric Holder indicated he already plans to challenge North Carolina’s yet-to-be-drawn maps in court.


In a bipartisan vote, the Virginia Senate rejected a bill which sought to expand the transparency and public participation requirements for the state’s newly created redistricting commission.