Significant Mapping Developments


Florida’s House Redistricting Committee advanced a congressional redistricting bill with two map proposals, a primary map and a backup incase the first is struck down.


Georgia’s enacted congressional and legislative plans will be used in the 2022 elections after a federal judge denied the challengers’ request for a preliminary injunction.


Ohio’s Redistricting Commission adopted a third set of legislative plans and a congressional plan and submitted them to the Ohio Supreme Court for approval. The Court delayed the Commission’s upcoming contempt hearing to allow time to review the new plans.

Important Dates

Next Week

Florida – 3/11: Florida Supreme Court’s deadline for ruling on validity of legislative redistricting plans

Ohio – 3/14: Ohio Redistricting Commission’s deadline to adopt a remedial congressional plan

State News


Kansas Democrats filed a third partisan gerrymandering lawsuit against the state’s enacted congressional plan.

North Carolina

North Carolina Republicans asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block the congressional redistricting plan adopted by a state Superior Court panel last week.


After a federal district court denied their request, plaintiffs challenging the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s adopted congressional plan petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency order blocking the plan’s implementation.


Plaintiffs backed by the Tennessee Democratic Party filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s enacted legislative plans as violating the state constitution for partisan advantage.


Wyoming’s Senate amended the House’s proposed legislative plan to retain the same number of state Senators and Representatives.