Significant Mapping Developments


Kansas’s Senate redistricting committee advanced a state Senate redistricting plan proposed by Republicans.


After Louisiana’s Governor vetoed the state legislature’s congressional redistricting plans, a lawsuit was filed in state court seeking to have the court impose one. The Governor allowed the legislature’s legislative plans to become law without his signature, which were quickly challenged in federal court as violating the Voting Rights Act.


Missouri’s backup judicial redistricting commission released a proposed state Senate redistricting plan and filed it with the Secretary of State the following day.


Wyoming’s state legislature passed a legislative redistricting plan but the Governor is declining to sign it until the Attorney General reviews its legality.

State News


Following public disagreements between Governor DeSantis and the state legislature, two deadlock lawsuits were filed, one in state court and one in federal court, seeking to have the court impose a congressional redistricting plan.


Maryland’s Court of Appeals delayed the state’s gubernatorial primary election by three weeks so challenges to legislative redistricting maps could be completed.


Two deadlock suits were filed in state court seeking to have the court impose a congressional redistricting plan for the state.


A Nevada district court judge declined to enjoin the state’s new redistricting plans from being used in the 2022 elections while state Republicans’ partisan gerrymandering challenge to them proceeds.


Citing logistical and constitutional authority issues, Republican members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission requested the Ohio Supreme Court defer ruling on their new congressional plan until after the 2022 elections. A federal judge declined to take over the legislative redistricting process from the Ohio Supreme Court but indicated a willingness to do so if new plans weren’t approved soon.


The former chair of Washington’s redistricting commission penned a Seattle Times op-ed explaining why she resigned from her position.


Two days after the Republican-controlled legislature appealed the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s adopted legislative maps to the U.S. Supreme Court, Wisconsin’s Republican congressmen appealed the adopted congressional plan as well.