Redistricting News

The U.S. Census Bureau announced it can provide a legacy format summary redistricting data file by August 2021 to all states. The Bureau also explained its counting process for persons living in group quarters during the 2020 Census.

A coalition of localities and civil rights groups are seeking to intervene in opposition to the state of Ohio's lawsuit which seeks to force the Census Bureau to release redistricting data by the statutory deadline of March 31. The South is seen as the epicenter of future redistricting battles.



The state’s independent redistricting commission selected its executive director.


The final legislative redistricting commissioners were selected.


Lawmakers are considering a bill that would change how prisoners are counted and allocated during the state's redistricting process.

New Mexico

The state’s House Judiciary Committee advanced two bills that would each create an independent redistricting commission to aid in redistricting the state.

New York

Governor Cuomo and the New York General Assembly are being sued for allegedly failing to provide necessary funding to the state’s independent redistricting commission.


Oregon lawmakers are divided on how to address the state's redistricting deadline that will likely be missed due to census data delays.


A recently filed lawsuit alleges the Republican leaders of the state legislature illegally hired private attorneys in anticipation of redistricting lawsuits.