Significant Mapping Developments


Alaska’s Supreme Court struck down a state Senate and a state House district as unconstitutional and remanded the plan back to the Alaska Redistricting Board for corrections.


Delaware’s General Assembly unexpectedly passed revised legislative redistricting plans and sent them to the Governor for his signature.


As expected, Governor DeSantis vetoed the state legislature’s congressional plan, teeing up a special redistricting session scheduled for mid-April.


Louisiana’s legislature enacted their congressional redistricting plan after successfully voting to override the Governor’s veto.


A Maryland Circuit Court struck down the state’s enacted congressional plan as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. Maryland's General Assembly passed a remedial congressional plan and sent it to the Governor.


Mississippi’s House and Senate each passed a redistricting plan for their respective chambers and sent them to the other for approval.


Missouri’s House rejected the Senate’s congressional plan and requested a group of lawmakers from each chamber work together on a compromise.

New Hampshire

Governor Sununu signed the General Court’s state House redistricting plan into law.


Ohio’s Redistricting Commission approved their third set of revised legislative plans and submitted them to the Ohio Supreme Court for review.


Vermont’s legislature passed legislative redistricting plans and is preparing to send them to the Governor.


The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s adoption of Governor Evers’s legislative redistricting plans, citing racial gerrymandering issues. Governor Evers asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to allow him to submit additional evidence in defense of his maps.


Wyoming’s Governor allowed the state legislature’s legislative redistricting plan to become law without his signature.

Important Dates

This Week

Mississippi – 4/3: Legislature’s 1st deadline to pass a legislative redistricting plan by joint resolution (adjournment of regular session)

National News

Redistricting News

Four states have yet to enact new congressional redistricting plans amidst intra-party squabbles and impasses between legislatures and Governors.

State News


Michigan’s Supreme Court rejected a partisan gerrymandering challenge to the state’s adopted state House redistricting plan, citing a lack of supporting evidence.