Significant Mapping Developments


Delaware’s Governor signed the General Assembly’s revised legislative plans into law.


Kansas’s legislature passed legislative redistricting plans and sent them to the Governor for signature.


Governor Hogan signed the General Assembly’s remedial congressional plan into law after they agreed to drop their appeal of the partisan gerrymandering ruling which struck down the original plan.


Mississippi’s legislature enacted legislative redistricting plans.


Missouri’s House again rejected the Senate’s proposed congressional plan and requested a conference to work out a compromise.

New York

A lower-court judge struck down New York’s congressional and legislative redistricting plans as unconstitutionally enacted but state leaders quickly appealed the ruling, seeking a stay on the judgment.

National News

Redistricting News

Republicans have seen several notable victories in the final stretch of this redistricting cycle.

State News


A federal three-judge panel denied a request to preliminarily enjoin the state’s adopted congressional plan for alleged violations of the one person, one vote requirement, allowing it to be used in the 2022 election.

New Hampshire

A group of New Hampshire voters filed a deadlock lawsuit over the state’s lack of a new congressional plan seeking to have it drawn by a state Superior Court.


As challengers renew claims against the state’s fourth adopted legislative plans, a federal court gave Ohio leaders until April 20th to reach an agreement on final plans before they would intervene. The state will have to hold two separate primary elections this year as a result of the redistricting challenges.


Wisconsin’s Supreme Court rejected Governor Evers’s request to submit additional evidence in support of his legislative plans which were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.