Significant Mapping Developments


Florida enacted the congressional redistricting plan proposed by Governor DeSantis, which was quickly challenged as violating the Florida Constitution’s Fair Districts Amendment.


A Kansas district court judge struck down the state’s enacted congressional plan as an unconstitutional partisan and racial gerrymander. Kansas’s Attorney General appealed the decision to the Kansas Supreme Court the same day.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Republicans released a new congressional plan proposal but Governor Sununu already expressed his opposition to it.

New York

New York’s highest court struck down the state’s congressional and state Senate plans as unconstitutionally enacted and further held the congressional plan to be an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. The court remitted the matter back to the trial court with instructions to adopt constitutional plans “with all due haste.”

National News

Redistricting News

District lines are nearly finalized for the 2022 elections, but stakeholders expect redistricting fights to extend over the next decade as courts work through challenges to new maps.

State News


A federal district court imposed a May 28 deadline for the Ohio Redistricting Commission to adopt lawful state legislative redistricting plans; otherwise it will order the Commission’s third adopted plans be used for the 2022 elections.