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A prominent Swiss billionaire is reported to have donated $3 million to the National Redistricting Action Fund between 2018 and 2020.

State News


The state’s congressional redistricting commission is moving ahead with plans to draw new districts using preliminary census data and estimates, but the state’s House of Representatives has asked the state Supreme Court to consider whether this is even constitutional.


The state Senate passed a bill purporting to end prison gerrymandering by counting incarcerated persons at their last address before they were incarcerated, rather than at their correctional institution.


Republican state lawmakers criticized how their Democratic colleagues are handling the redistricting process thus far, citing concerns over fairness and a lack of transparency.


Michigan’s Independent Redistricting Committee launched a public comment portal for map submissions and comments as it prepares to begin holding its series of public hearings on redistricting.


The Nebraska Legislature’s redistricting committee established ground rules for when it redraws districts later this year.


The state legislature’s Republican leaders are abandoning their plan to fast-track a constitutional amendment extending redistricting deadlines due to a lack of sufficient support from Democratic legislators.

New York

The state’s Independent Redistricting Commission continues to face roadblocks in its operations as it waits for the Comptroller to make its $4 million budget available.


A circuit court judge refused state lawmakers’ request to stay his ruling pending appeal that the Legislature illegally hired private taxpayer-funded attorneys to represent them in anticipation of redistricting challenges.