Significant Mapping Developments


Alaska’s Supreme Court ordered the Alaska Redistricting Board to adopt an alternative Senate district pairings proposal for interim use in the 2022 elections.


Florida’s District Court of Appeals reinstated a stay on the trial court’s injunction blocking portions of the state’s enacted congressional plan from being used in the 2022 elections.

New York

A Steuben County Supreme Court judge adopted the special master’s remedial congressional and state Senate plans as final.

National News

2020 Census

Figures from a U.S. Census Bureau survey revealed that around 1 in 20 residents in Arkansas and Tennessee were missed during the 2020 Census, along with significant undercounts and overcounts in other states.

Redistricting News

As this decade’s redistricting cycle comes to an end, Republican have emerged as the net victors, dashing Democrats’ hopes for retaking the U.S. House of Representatives.

State News


Florida’s District Court of Appeals declined to send the congressional redistricting lawsuit to the Florida Supreme Court, increasing the likelihood that the enacted plan will be used in this year’s elections.