National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau will work to incorporate “synthetic data” into its American Community Survey to protect privacy, prompting renewed concerns from researchers over census data accuracy. A University of Minnesota report found that the most recent version of the Census Bureau’s differential privacy plan would lead to major discrepancies and counting errors in minority populations and small jurisdictions.

State News


The state Supreme Court rejected the General Assembly’s efforts to involve itself in the commission-led redistricting process, in addition to finding that the commissions were not required to redistrict using final census data.


The state’s Governor signed a law abolishing the practice known as “prison gerrymandering” in connection with legislative and local redistricting.


The Democratic state legislature sent legislative redistricting plans and a bill delaying the 2022 primary election to the Governor for approval. Observers allege the legislative redistricting plans fail to comply with the state’s constitutional compactness requirement.


State lawmakers and the state’s redistricting commission filed a petition with the Maine Supreme Court requesting an extension of their constitutional redistricting deadlines.


The Sixth Circuit upheld the eligibility restrictions for the state’s redistricting commission as constitutional.


State legislators adopted guidelines for when they redraw the state’s legislative and congressional districts later this year.

New Jersey

Republicans selected their six commissioners to serve on the state’s Congressional Redistricting Commissioners.

New York

The state’s independent redistricting commissioners unanimously elected David Imamura to serve as the commission’s chair.