National News

2020 Census

As census response rates fall behind in key majority – minority districts and the Navajo Nation, field operations resume in six additional states. The status of current census operations across the country can be tracked here.

State News


Despite a census delay, the Iowa Legislative Services Agency tasked with drawing up district plans is confident in their ability to create a plan the legislators will approve of before their September 1, 2021 deadline.


Montana’s lack of response to the 2020 Census could prevent the state from gaining its second congressional seat.

New Hampshire

The state House effectively killed the proposal creating an independent redistricting commission by failing to obtain the two-thirds majority required to delay the decision deadline.


A group seeking to collect signatures for their redistricting ballot petition face increased expenses for personal protection equipment and a delayed timeline due to the Governor’s COVID-19 emergency order.


Supporters of a nonpartisan redistricting commission are attempting to collect necessary ballot petition signatures through the internet and mail. The initiative has until July 2 to obtain enough signatures to make it onto the ballot in November.


A nonpartisan coalition of groups focused on redistricting is requesting the state Legislature have remote public hearings to discuss the upcoming redistricting cycle.


Conservatives in Wisconsin are proposing a rule change that would require all redistricting-related lawsuits go directly to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.