National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau released guidelines for how its new differential privacy will be applied to the population data used for redistricting.

State News


MALDEF filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state’s enacted legislative maps as unconstitutionally malapportioned due to their use of ACS data.


The state House approved a bill to allow congressional and legislative districts to be redrawn before local districts.

New Jersey

State Democrats selected their six appointees to the New Jersey Congressional Redistricting Commission.

North Dakota

A panel of state legislators selected 14 Republican and 2 Democrat lawmakers to serve on the state’s legislative redistricting committee.


Ohio academics and Democratic party officials has joined to create the Ohio Citizens’ Redistricting Commission to prepare and submit recommendations as public testimony during the redistricting process.


With only three weeks left in this year’s legislative session, public hearings on a proposal to transfer Oregon’s redistricting authority to an independent commission will likely not happen.

West Virginia

The state Legislature selected which of its members will serve on the Joint Committee on Redistricting tasked with redrawing congressional and legislative districts.