National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau is still behind in its count of rural areas, but its 2019 Population Estimates by demographic characteristics shows a nonwhite majority among the younger generation and a rapid growth of the 65 years and older population.

House Democrats proposed a bill preventing citizenship data gathering.

The Census Bureau announced two new hires to fulfill the roles of Deputy Director of Policy and Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director of Policy.

Redistricting News

The Republican State Leadership Committee is actively working to win down ballot races to ensure Republicans get a seat at the redistricting table in 2021.

State News


The state Supreme Court indicated it is willing to grant the requested extension for a redistricting deadline in light of effects from the coronavirus.


Representative Ed Massey was appointed co-chair to Kentucky’s Judicial Structuring and Redistricting Task Force.


The GOP request to rehear a challenge of the state’s new redistricting commission was denied as the Michigan Department of State just announced the application process for the commission is complete.

The Michigan Department of State conducted a live stream for the random selection of 200 applicants on Wednesday morning, but one of the finalists may be ineligible for the commission as he is running for a partisan office.


A request to suspend the rules on signature collection to get a redistricting initiative onto the ballot has yet to receive attention from Governor Sisolak.


An initiative has until July 2 to collect enough signatures to put an independent redistricting commission on the ballot in November.


The Virginia Democratic Party is officially urging its voters to oppose the recently referred constitutional amendment creating a bipartisan redistricting commission.