National News

2020 Census

Census 2020 administrators are concerned that the coronavirus pandemic resulted in an undercount of persons renting apartments.

Redistricting News

Multiple news outlets looked out how Republicans may address medium-to-large cities like Nashville in the upcoming redistricting.

State News


The Colorado Congressional redistricting commission's first draft map is reportedly favorable to Democrats.


State Senator Ray Rodrigues was selected to serve as Chair of the Florida Senate’s Committee on Reapportionment in the upcoming legislative session.

New Mexico

The state’s new redistricting committee approved an online portal for receiving public input on the redistricting process but rejected a proposed rule that sought to bar or require disclosure of members’ conversations with non-members about new congressional or legislative redistricting maps.


One of the Republican-appointed members of the state’s redistricting commission resigned this week and the remaining commissioners hope to vote on his replacement in mid-July.


Republican leadership in the State Legislature have asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to review a state court’s ruling earlier this year that they improperly hired private attorneys with taxpayer funds to represent them in future redistricting challenges.