National News

2020 Census

Starting July 16, the Census Bureau will begin to follow up with those who have yet to reply to the census in tandem with a series of events aimed at increasing responses.

The count of the nation's homeless population is postponed until September.

Puerto Rico has the lowest response rates.

2020 Elections

Eric Holder’s NDRC announced it would invest $1 million into various state legislative races that are critical in the upcoming redistricting cycle.

Democrats are looking to gain control of the redistricting process in a majority of states after the 2020 election with special attention on consistently Republican states such as Texas and Georgia.


A recently published article looks into the conflicting goals of redistricting as they relate to competitive districts and communities of interest.

State News


Arizona is behind other states in census reporting.


Signatures for a ballot measure that would create an independent redistricting commission have been turned in to the Secretary of State’s office. A petition drive occurred in northwest Arkansas the week before.


Initial selections for the state's redistricting commission were made by the state auditor, however the selections lack Latino representation.

Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley were both flagged as communities that might lose representation if California loses a congressional seat after the 2020 Census.


A redistricting PAC associated with Eric Holder has given $124,000 to state house candidates.


The commissioner selection process continues. Detroit struggles with its Census participation.

A challenge to the new Michigan redistricting commission was dismissed by a federal court judge.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s Senate passed a bill to create an independent redistricting commission. The bill purports to address Governor Sununu’s concerns of transparency.

New Jersey

New Jersey Democrats are proposing a delay of the state’s legislative redistricting.

New York

The response rates of the Haitian community significantly lags behind the rest of the state.

An article provides background on redistricting in New York as it looks forward at the upcoming redistricting cycle.

North Dakota

Over 36,000 signatures were submitted to the Secretary of State’s office on July 6 in favor of a redistricting reform ballot measure.


People Not Politicians is taking the Secretary of State to court over the Secretary’s refusal to either decrease the number of signatures required for a ballot measure to create a redistricting commission or to extend the timeframe to collect signatures. The group’s three ballot measures have failed to collect the required number of signatures by the July 3 deadline.


The deadline has passed for lawmakers to pass constitutional amendments so an outside group is looking to a redistricting reform bill aimed at transparency that keeps legislators in the redistricting process.


Parts of West Texas are falling behind in Census participation.


Current Census figures show an increase in the state’s black population.


Republicans look to gain the six seats they need to ensure a veto-proof majority heading into redistricting.