National News

2020 Census

The Census Bureau expanded its door knocking response efforts in six more states even as the coronavirus pandemic threatens an accurate count of the nations tribal communities.

State News


The application process is open for the state’s independent redistricting commission. Go here for information on the process.


The Secretary of State determined a redistricting ballot measure does not qualify due to an error concerning criminal background checks.


Proponents of redistricting reform look to a senator’s proposal to enact changes heading into the next redistricting cycle.

New Jersey

Despite opposition from Republicans and warnings of unintended consequences, state Democrats seek to delay legislative redistricting due to a potential delay in the Census.

New York

As census response rates fall behind expectations, the State Legislature will conduct a joint hearing today to discuss the state’s redistricting process.


The Secretary of State extended the signature collection deadline for the state’s redistricting measure.


A state Senate panel approved the explanation of the redistricting amendment that will go before voters.


The state of Wisconsin is now accepting applications for the Governor’s redistricting panel.